Question: Trouble receiving mobile calls.

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13 December 2013, 14:51

Am in France. Am using Roaming. I have a problem receiving Mobile calls. I have no problems with texts. I have a Sony Ericcson phone. Up to recently was not aware of any problem. Calls from French landlines are received. But calls from mobiles do not. I have been through all the suggestions on MyMeteor site. i.e. switched off. took battery out. Tried SIM in different phone. Made sure there were no diverts on. Any suggestions as to what to try next.?? M

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    16 December 2013, 16:11

    Hey there MarCar

    Thank you so much for getting in touch with us. I rang the tech team and they confirmed that everything should be ok now.

    Can you please do the following for me and see if this solves your problem.

    1. Go into "settings"
    2. Go to "Mobile networks"
    3. now choose "Mobile Networks"

    (this will start searching now)

    4. Manually select a network. Please make sure to choose a different one that you are currently on.

    If this issue is still ongoing, let me know.

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