Question: Can't Reactivate Mail

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19 April 2017, 17:01

I deactivated my mailbox several months ago. I now need to reactivate. I get the following response when sending 'MAIL' to 50102:

'Sorry you cannot set up your mailbox as you are jot on a suitable tariff plan. Please visit etc.'

Phone still in contract. No outstanding balance on bill.

Dialling 171 informs me that mailbox is already set up. Cannot re-record name/ greeting. Looking at solution to similar question seems to be something a tech on your side needs to reactivate. Would like to get this sorted today please.
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    20 April 2017, 15:16

    Hi there conordrummag

    Thank you so much for getting in touch with us here. If you removed your voicemail, you need to call Customer Care directly to get this added to your account.

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